Why Should Digital Marketers Bother With Social Media?

There’s a lot of talk, a lot of research, and a lot of fuss about our use of online social networks. Not to mention how businesses can best capitalize on these. Why are these things such a big deal?

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One of the biggest changes in how humans interact with each other over the last decade or so is in being able to sign into web-based platforms and conveniently communicate. By ‘communicate’ we mean everything from being able to get in touch with one another instantly regardless of our location, to finding out about goods and services anytime at the touch of a button.

From a consumer’s perspective, we live in exciting times with this efficiency. From a company’s perspective, it’s also exciting times all-round, although a tricky landscape to navigate. One great example is this…

Consumers can now look up specific products and thanks to social media, blogs, SEO agency Sydney and other channels of online reviews, they can find out exactly what others think of these products. And some research suggests that consumers value what peers think over official information from the company.

If most consumers out there are interacting with social media, it makes sense then that companies get involved with social media as well. Typically, marketers have been big on spamming emails, tv, telemarketing (we know how much people love this one), radio, and so forth, to distribute information. The shift to posting content on web-based platforms, particularly social networks, has come one major difference between past and present…

It’s so much easier now for customers to respond to companies. We have gone from an era of read-only content, to one where anyone with access to these platforms has the ability to share content around the globe, be that in a positive or negative light. We are in the era of read and write, and this means big things for digital marketing strategies.

Here are just some of the advantages of social media for companies

• Brand building
• Generating word-of-mouth
• Online sales
• Many market research opportunities
• Being able to talk to customers
• Buzz marketing
• Ease of use
• Improved company performance

The web is an extremely powerful place for building strong brands and gaining a competitive edge. To do this as efficiently as possible, it’s essential for companies to get right in there with social media networks, and use these channels to…

• Provide customers with the information they want
• Connect with stakeholders – be that potential employees, clients, other organizations, bloggers, journalists, or the general public
• Maximize sales

The huge rise in social media use has come too with a dramatic shift of power from the hands of companies to the hands of consumers – to the collective. There is so much value for digital marketers in a consumer’s network of associates. Consumers can share content, be that words, images, or videos, with it potentially reaching thousands of others.

Sharing across social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, can be in a various forms. It could be through simple enough discussions about products or services in comment threads, on statuses, via instant messages, and so forth. It could be structured reviews where the customer posts text, or makes videos or ‘vlogs’ evaluating specific items they’ve used themselves.

The 21st Century has been an exciting time full of great new opportunities (and challenges) thanks to the web, social media, and the changed relationships with consumers. And in case we haven’t made it clear, there are many, unbounded reasons why digital marketers should definitely be fussing over social media right about now.