Tips for Decorating your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating your daughter’s or son’s bedroom is as important as decorating all other areas in your home Therefore, it is essential to give it maximum attention and it all starts with planning. Moreover, unlike other rooms, when decorating a child’s bedroom, it is necessary to think through the entire process carefully because children grow very fast and their interests keep changing along the way. As such, the items that suit and please a toddler will not suit an eight year old. Additionally, what will happen when the child grows into teenage hood? Do you plan on renovating the room at each developmental stage of your child? I believe the answer is NO because redesigning can be quite expensive and time consuming. Therefore, here are a few tips that you must consider when decorating.

First, be cautious when picking the decorating schemes. Most parents tend to overdo the décor in the nursery by either placing too many posters with cartoon characters or fluffy items. The problem is that your child will not remain a toddler forever. Thus, it is advisable to go for neutral walls and floors and accessories that can be removed if your child requires something new.

When it comes to furniture, prioritize the element of storage. It is, therefore, advisable to pick furniture that offer dual purposes such as beds that feature storage drawers. Also, include a desk as your child gets older because they will need a conducive environment to complete their homework. Most importantly, remember to place baskets or shelves to hold all your child’s toys. The secret is to have adequate storage to prevent the room from getting messy and looking all cramped.

Finally, though it is necessary to think of functionality when decorating your kid’s bedroom, don’t forget to add the element of fun. Thus, you can add things like painting brushes or drawing books.

Important Tips for New Dads

It can be quite difficult for new dads to transit into fatherhood smoothly. Fatherhood comes with numerous responsibilities that can be overwhelming. Interestingly, just like mothers, fathers are equally good in detecting and responding to their newborns needs. However, though there may be differences in the parenting styles of the mother and the father, the best thing is that dads care for their children in ways that only dads can. Therefore, if you are overwhelmed with the idea of being a new dad, here are a few tips that will see you bond with you newborn baby.

First, don’t be afraid to try new things however scary they might look. Thus, you can help with bathing, dressing, changing the diapers and so on. These are some of the best ways of bonding with the baby. Additionally, note that good parenting emanates from practice; the more you do some things, the more confident you become. It is also necessary to support your partner when they become overwhelmed. For instance, you can help her in identifying the reason why the baby won’t stop crying. That way, you will discover the things that your baby likes or dislikes in addition to how she responds to certain things such as stroking, humming and so on.

It is also essential to be affectionate to your child; affection helps in the generation of oxytocin into the baby’s brain. Oxytocin enables the baby to feel good and stimulates the development of their brains. You can show affection by imitating the facial expressions of your baby be it a frown, a giggle, funny sounds or smiles. Such gestures will enhance the attachment that you have with your baby.

Though it may seem difficult, try talking with your baby. Talking or singing helps the newborn gain a sense of contentment and security. It also enables them to build their language skills.

With these tips, you will be the best dad ever!