Cafe Blinds Have a Long History
December 22, 2018

Cafe blinds give protection and beauty to our interiors, it not only gives protection to our inside windows but to outside windows also. It is interesting to see the long history of shutters in our country. We could see more than five hundred years history of cafe blinds from fifteen fifty eight, and then aperture curtains were common in our homes. The olden shutters were made up of hard wooden sheets. We may think these wooden board shutters as not attractive today. These were designed to cover the lower portion of the window then; the upper portion of the windows was remaining uncovered or covered with cloth. We could see the usage of glass shutters also but it was very expensive and mostly it was used to cover some main portions of the windows then. Most of the bay covers were made up of wood only. Sometimes they cover the upper side of the window with the glass and mostly the top class families use the glass shutters in that period.

When we use wooden boards as shutters we need to open the shutters to get sufficient air and light. Simple wooden hinges were used in these shutters, some elite class people decorated the wooden shutters with art work or paintings, and usually they put a wooden or metal cross bar for more protection. After some years people began to use glass windows as glasses were available splendidly. The use of glasses brings more attraction and light to houses. Thick walls made up of stones have very few outside windows for security reasons.

window designs

We could see the first use of the casement drapes is mainly for protection, later the main role is change to control the light and wind to the houses. Windows and its shutters give attraction to the houses. The invention of machineries for wood work made the windows more beautiful with nice designs. Board cafe blinds are replaces by beautiful wooden shutter blades, these are helpful for allowing the air flow even when it is half closed. We could see the modern application of these shutters in our recent constructions also. Use of these exterior wooden shutters in our modern house gives a royal touch to our houses.

We could see in our country also experience the same transformation of wooden to glass shutters in early years. During sixties pseudo shutters also were used to give attraction to houses. Lot of transformations happened in the style of the cafe blinds during this period. Later in eighties plantation window closers were used in our constructions. These cafe blinds were used in big buildings and houses. Attractively designed pine wood plantation shutters good to control weather and it gives an aristocratic look to our building.

We could see today also people use this ‘cafe blinds’ term to refer latest soft wooden blade shutters. Now people are using metal or treated plastic shutters instead of wooden shutters, these are more convenient and light weighted. We can see a long history of cafe blinds from the hard wooden planes to metal and PVC shutters. Imported cafe blinds are also available in the market for our use. Whatever may be our choice about cafe blinds we must consider quality and utility of the product before choosing it.

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